Application Process

The Sulzberger Program is designed as a tool for senior news executives and managers who have the potential to run their organizations. The cost is $27,500.

Applications are due on December 15. Applicants will be notified by December 20.  The program begins January 14.  All applicants will need to schedule time to talk with Doug Smith prior to completing the application.

Below are the requirements for a prospective participant to complete after consulting with Executive Director Doug Smith.

  • A short bio, including a description of your experience (editing, finance, marketing, operations, reporting, and technology, sales) and a statement that demonstrates you have the authority in your current role to overcome this challenge and lead your company to success. (300 - 400 words)
  • Nomination letters from at least two of the company's top executives, including one from an immediate supervisor. If you are self nominating, please include two reference letters from those you have worked for in an organizational capacity.
  • A statement that identifies three core trends in the news industry that have substantially affected your company, and a brief explanation of the nature and implications of those effects. (300 - 500 words)
  • A description of a challenge now confronting your company. Please pick one that you can realistically use as the core platform for your participation in this program. Please give your perspective on what it would take to achieve success. (300 - 500 words)
  • A statement outlining the journalistic mission of your enterprise and how that mission influences your decision to take on this challenge. (300 words)
  • A description of how you hope to benefit from this program, and how your organization hopes to benefit from your training. (200 - 500 words)

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